Drain Cleaning
MDS Environmental’s equipment ranges from small van mounted jetting units for domestic blockages to High Volume Jet-Vac cleaning units capable of 80 gpm @ 2500psi used for cleaning most pipelines & culverts.
Our Drain and Sewer Cleaning Services Include:
• High Pressure Drain and Sewer Cleaning
• Grease and Fats Removal
• Root and Intrusion Cutting using Robotic Cutter
• Domestic, Industrial and Commercial Drain and Sewer Cleaning
• Sewer Network Maintenance for Councils, Local Authorities and Public Sector Bodies.
• 24 hour Emergency Call out
• Interceptor and Grease Trap Maintenance and Emptying
• Gully Cleaning, Emptying and Road Side Maintenance
• Manual Cleaning of Large Culverts using Winch Systems or Man-Entry

CCTV Drain Inspection
MDS offers a CCTV pipeline inspection and reporting service for the inspection and assessment of pipelines. These CCTV Drain Inspection Systems allow for the inspection of pipelines ranging in diameter of 50mm up to 1200mm. We also provide a man-entry inspection service for larger pipeline applications.
With our skilled staff, we provide a value add service where we can evaluate pipeline defects and recommend suitable solutions. This service is provided at no extra cost. In some circumstances, we will happily provide Pipeline Repair Plans with budget repair estimates which enables you to make sound decisions in the management of your underground services.

Robotic Cutting
MDS Environmental provides a simple and cost-effective solution to Developers and Construction Companies with a unique service in pipe rehabilitation during the construction phase.
The use of pipeline robotics for the trenchless repair of defective pipelines and removal of pipe blockages has been a core part of our business now for many years. We have a team of skilled and competent operators who ensure high productivity and efficiency.
The robots are ideally suited for the cutting, grinding and milling of intrusions, encrustations, damaged liners, grout filled pipes and even completely blocked sewers due to tree roots, debris and concrete. Thanks to the powerful grinding capacity and robust design, the hydraulically driven grinding robots provide impressive performance, cutting through most materials, including concrete in pipelines which are also suitable for domestic household and private properties. This process saves valuable time and money for any developer faced with this problem. Robot technology is also used for capping off of disused connections and pipeline offtakes.

Drain Repairs / Relining
If you are looking for a no dig trenchless pipe relining solution then MDS Environmental is the company to call.
Relining your sewer and drainage pipes can rehabilitate damaged pipes and avoid digging them up. Not having to dig up Landscaping not only saves your garden or your driveway but it can also save your time and money. Due to the nature of our techniques, health and safety risks are also minimal.
A felt or woven fabric tube is cut to length and is saturated with a special mixture of epoxy resin. The wetted liner is then inserted into the defective drain before being inflated and left to cure.
When the liner has cured, the inflation tube used to inflate the line is removed, leaving a smooth joint free liner within the original host pipe and is rated to last over 50 years. This new liner is air tight, water tight, and so strong, tree roots cannot penetrate it – one of the leading cause of sewer line failure.