24 hr Drain Unblocking
When you have drain problems MDS Environmental is the company to call. We are drain cleaning experts who have the experience and the equipment to clear your drains fast. Whether it’s a sink, toilet, bath, shower, sewer or storm water drain, we can handle it. MDS Environmental offer complete drain services including:
• Sink & Toilet Drains
• Shower/Bath Drains and Floor Drains
• Sewer Drain Cleaning and High Pressure Water Jetting
• CCTV Camera Inspections
• Sewer drain pipe repairs and replacement
• Storm drain cleaning and repair
• Septic Tank Emptying and cleaning

Septic Tank Emptying / Cleaning
MDS Environmental hold all required Waste Collection Permits and ensure full traceability with disposal of all waste at officially licensed Waste Treatment Facilities. MDS Environmental also provide a Certificate of Authorised Disposal that can be used as evidence that your septic tank has been serviced by a competent Contractor.

Septic Tank Inspections
A new registration and inspection regime was introduced in 2012 for domestic waste water treatment systems such as septic tanks. MDS Environmental have experienced staff who can identify the causeof any problems you may be experiencing with your septic tank.

CCTV Drain Inspection
Pipes are hard to see into, that’s why we use a CCTV Camera specially designed to see down pipes. We insert a flexible fiber optic cable with a high-resolution camera on its tip into the pipe. The camera is specially designed to be rugged and waterproof. It is equipped with bright lights so we can see clearly. As the cable is pushed into the pipe, it records its findings. These images are transmitted to the visual monitor that it been operated by one of our experienced staff members. CCTV Camera Inspection really helps us to see and diagnose the problem for a fast fix. Sometimes you just need the blockage removed. Other times, the pipe may be damaged and need repairs. The cameras can also be sent back in to verify that the obstruction has been removed and everything is flowing freely.
If you suspect underground pipe problems, call MDS Environmental for a fast, accurate blockage removal, pipe repair and pipe replacement. Our CCTV camera inspections let us see exactly what the problem is.

Drain Repairs / Relining
If you are looking for a no dig trenchless pipe relining solution then MDS Environmental is the company to call.
Relining your sewer and drainage pipes can rehabilitate damaged pipes and avoid digging them up. Not having to dig up Landscaping not only saves your garden or your driveway but it can also save your time and money. Due to the nature of our techniques, health and safety risks are also minimal.
A felt or woven fabric tube is cut to length and is saturated with a special mixture of epoxy resin. The wetted liner is then inserted into the defective drain before being inflated and left to cure.
When the liner has cured, the inflation tube used to inflate the line is removed, leaving a smooth joint free liner within the original host pipe and is rated to last over 50 years. This new line is air tight, water tight, and so strong, tree roots cannot penetrate it – one of the leading cause of sewer line failure.